Heritage Installation Numbers

Heritage Installation Numbers

Ag Cab Lab

The Ag Cab Lab project is meant to engage and inform students and adults on the subject of STEM in agriculture. Through a hands-on learning center, children get to experience first hand what a farmer does in a tractor cab as they till, plant, and harvest crops. The simulator engages the consumer and answers consumer questions.

Heritage Center

The AgCabLab exhibit at the Heritage Center in Bismarck, ND features an internal software counter that records the number of plays. As of April 24, 2015, the total count at this location was 17,245 since the November 2nd installation.

The average daily count per month

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{“x”: “December”, “y”: 101 },
{“x”: “January”, “y”: 85 },
{“x”: “February”, “y”: 78 },
{“x”: “March”, “y”: 108 },
{“x”: “April”, “y”: 100 }])
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